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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Dr. Fred Singer, preeminent physicist from the University of Virginia, elected Fellow of the American Physical Society, and former director of the US Weather Satellite Service, wrote an open letter today to the Institute of Physics in the United Kingdom, calling for sound science and the repudiation of the "anthropogenic global warming myth." He is backed by over 250 other members at the APS.

Considering how many other renowned scientists have likewise renounced global warming as a farce, it amazes me that anyone can honestly still take it seriously. Even if you ignore the idolatry involved, you still have to deal with the overwhelming data against AGW. It boggles the mind.


Luke C. said...

Not that it will make much difference, but as a card-carrying member of the APS, I feel obligated to respond.

I must admit that despite his "preeminent" status, I have not heard of Dr. Singer outside of the climate change issue.

The APS (as of February) has 47,947 members (APS News, Vol. 19, #2, p.1). I could probably find 250 APS members to sign a counter petition in support of the current consensus on climage change without leaving the building where I work. However, as you would point out, science is not a democracy, so 25,000 signatures would not prove anything.

It is ultimately by testing hypotheses against data that we reach scientific conclusions. The main issue in Dr. Singer's letter seems to be the transparency and availability of that data.

Real Climate maintains a list data sources that you might be interested in:

Also, they have posted a response to the IoP statement:

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