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Saturday, March 27, 2010
Ouch, this has been a rough year for March Madness brackets. Almost everyone's left side is now dead. Appropriately, only eight "elite" brackets still have a shot at winning it all, and a couple more could sneak in a second place finish. Keeping in mind that my top-ranked bracket is ineligible to win any prizes, here are (I believe) the winning scenarios so you know how to root over the next ten days:
  • D.J. Williams wins... if West Virginia makes it to the championship game or loses to Baylor in the Final Four.
  • Bryan McWhite takes home first prize... if Kentucky wins it all and Baylor beats Duke OR if Baylor beats Duke and Kentucky as long as Kansas State does not make the championship game.
  • Marshall Posey is the grand kahuna... if Duke beats West Virginia in the Final Four.
  • Mike Brown wins... if Kentucky beats Duke in the Final Four but does not win the championship game as long as Kansas State does not make the title game.
  • AJ King wins... if Kentucky beats Duke in the Final Four and also wins the title game as long as Kansas State does not progress beyond the the Final Four.
  • Holly Nimchuk wins... if Kansas State beats Butler and Duke beats Kentucky in the Final Four but loses the championship game**.
  • Josiah Bruder wins... if Kentucky beats Duke and then beats Kansas State in the championship game OR if Baylor and Kansas State play for the title and Kentucky beats West Virginia.
  • Aaron Vovk wins... if Duke wins it all and Kentucky beats West Virginia**.
**Holly and Aaron tie if K-State beats Butler and Duke wins it all, which means it will come down to the tiebreaker score.

If you haven't gotten me the entrance fee yet, try to do so soon.


D.J. Williams said...

Dude, needs to hire you to do all the crazy playoff-clinching scenarios every year. Nice work.

And I can't believe I'm actually winning this thing. Go Mountaineers!

Darius said...

I could do it a little earlier this year since one whole side of the brackets is pretty much dead. Normally it's a little too confusing to do it at the Elite Eight level. Still, I make no promises that I didn't miss something so if one of the scenarios above plays out and someone else wins, don't hold me to it. :)

B.C. McWhite said...


Darius said...

Down to Marshall and DJ, I believe. That didn't take long to narrow the field.

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