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Friday, March 26, 2010
Pastor Wilson has a "plan of attack" for Christians. It must be based around repentance first and NOT fear, anxiety, worry, or panic. I think what I appreciate the most about Wilson's political posts is that he never gets the cart before the horse. Sure, serious evil is going on "out there," but only because we "in here" supported it and enabled it to happen. That's the main difference between Wilson's form of conservatism and the typical "evangelical" form we see and hear so often: with the average Christian conservative, all the sinners are always them and never us and fearful distress is the primary characteristic of their rhetoric. God's already won; it's our duty to tell the world and help enable His victory to become more apparent.
1. Active resistance to tyranny, and to this tyranny in particular, is not just permissible for Christians. It is mandatory.
3. The theological basis for this resistance is that Jesus is Lord, and Caesar is not. Jesus is our Savior, and one of the meanings of Savior is Healer. We already have a messianic health care program, thanks. Not only do we not need two of them, but as Christians we are not permitted to have two of them.

4. The great danger in this developing resistance movement is not that it will be unsuccessful. The danger is that it will be successful, and that the credit for it will go to the "conservative, good sense of the American people" instead of to Jesus Christ.
10. Pray that God would raise of an army of men who will preach the ancient gospel in power and simplicity. Apart from that, all the activity referred to in this list will be born as nothing, grow up to a mature nothing, and its gray hairs shall descend to the grave of nothing.


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