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Thursday, March 18, 2010
The prize chest consists of approximately $135 worth of books and/or gift certificates. The closest guess to the total final score of the championship game will get a $25 Amazon gift certificate. The runner-up in the final standings receives his (or her?) choice of two of the four main prize books (listed here) while the champ will not only win those four books, but also two additional books and an Amazon gift certificate. Good luck to all!


D.J. Williams said...

Day one and tied for second. Not too bad. Georgetown was a killer though.

Darius said...

Technically you're tied for first because my bracket doesn't count. Though it is fun showing you all how it's done. :)

AJ King said...

Nice... I did not know you were not included... SWEET. I really want a few of those books. That just made my day. Now lets hope today goes as well as yesterday!!!

The Goold Family said...

Other than that frustrating Georgetown game, all my other losses were by one basket! Dang it. Oh well-I would hate for you all to get beaten by a girl anyway. Ha!

Darius said...

Yeah, I said that on the original post, AJ. It keeps it completely above board, plus I don't need to win a bunch of books I already have and it defeats the purpose.

Though I do have administrative privileges on the bracket site, so be good or I could make you pick Georgetown to win it all. :)

AJ King said...

Try it... I printed my brackets!

I, obviously, did not read the entire post. Just linked through your blog to sign up.

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