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Monday, March 22, 2010
I was reading this AP article about the Obamacare bill that just passed, and noticed this little tidbit:
The bill... allows people to stay on their parents' health plan up to age 26.
Currently, most people become ineligible for their parents' plan at age 19 or after college. So this bill effectively adds at least 4 years to their eligibility. It seems to me that it doesn't take a lot of foresight to anticipate some unintended yet harmful consequences from that clause. For one, a further pushing back of the age of maturity and infantilization of the 20-something age group. The government's laws don't operate in a vacuum. Laws seem to have an interesting power of suggestion. When Britain made suicide legal fifty or so years ago, suicides skyrocketed. If our government enables (or worse yet, encourages) kids to put off adulthood and instead be lazy and rely on Dad for their keep, the knowledge of man's total depravity and sinful inclinations tell us that a good number of them will take the feds up on their offer. Mark my words, if this bill is allowed to stand, in forty years scientists will be doing studies on why young people aren't leaving home until nearly 30 years old... and their data will see a spike in the early teens of the 21st century.


Steve Martin said...

Democrats make me sick. Period.

Stephen said...

Damn lazy democrats. Why can't they just let the lazy people die?

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