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Thursday, September 24, 2009
"Red, yellow, black and white, they are equal in his sight"


Chris A said...

Just when I start to think I actually am a little bit paranoid, someone shows me something like this that further reinforces my suspicion that the socialist ideologues of public schooling really are as bad I thought. This is unbelievable, dude. So let the record show that if I make comparisons to Hitler's youth, I'm not really exaggerating that much. This is brainwashing! This is mind control! Make way for compulsory national service, coming to a public school near you!

Darius said...

My daughter got a Barack Obama bookmark in her kindergarten class today... they start them young.

Chris A said...

If my 4-year-old daughter came home with one of those, I think we would take it out in the back yard and ceremonially burn it. I'm not kidding.

Steve said...

I'm going to get my kid an Obama dartboard...with extra darts.

Chris A said...

I don't want to leave the wrong impression about Obama. He is the president, and as such I believe he deserves a certain degree of honor by virtue of the office in which he stands. But when you see a blatant attempt to manipulate the fragile minds of children towards some kind of unholy adoration of the man, a line must be drawn.

Concerning kids singing to the president in a heil Hitler fashion and the president addressing kids to influence them politically, that is just completely unacceptable. The problem with those stuck in the left/right paradigm (of the right faction) is the fact that they must admit that their hero, president Reagan, did they very same thing, and they must admit that his speeches were partisan. Thus their argument against Obama is neutered and exposed as inconsistent. Because it isn't that they are opposed to propaganda from the presidential office, it is that they are opposed to leftist propaganda that happens to be coming from a non-white Democrat. Whether ethnicity plays a part in their opinions or not is not relevant to my point, which is that this glaring discrepancy is fodder for the left, further dichotomizing the issue and making it about something other than what is at the core of the issue.

So if Reagan were the president, I would have the same beef - not because I hate the man and not only because he in his wife were influenced by astrological occult weirdness - but because political indoctrination of children to be reinforced by educators and a public school system is crossing the line.

My comment about burning the bookmark is an expression of my disdain for relics and keepsakes that are intended to cultivate nostalgia about the experience of indoctrination. It isn't about my hatred for Obama or socialists or any of that, just to be clear.

Darius said...

A couple things... one, those on the Right, particularly Christians, would never have done this same thing with Reagan. This is entirely something you see on the Left, a willingness to idolize and propagandize where most conservatives never would.

As for the bookmark, my wife had a wise response to it when she saw it (it has his picture on the front and a quote or two of his and on the back "milestones" of his life... disgusting). She had a talk with my daughter about how some people don't like him and some people love him, but what we're supposed to do as Christians is pray for him.

Chris A said...

Yeah, I think your wife did the appropriate thing. My response would have sent a mixed message to a kid.

I don't know if I can agree with you on the Reagan thing, though. I can't think of anyone besides Lincoln that is idolized more in Republican ranks. Every '08 Republican Presidential Debate was rife with references to Ronald Reagan.

As far as propaganda goes, it was exactly the same thing in my view, just on the other end of the spectrum. In 1988, after his speech Reagan actually conducted a Q&A session with kids that actually enabled him to make very specific political points by answering hand-picked questions with canned responses.

Chris A said...

Here's another video of children getting hope-notized at school:

Chris A said...

No way, dude! You have to see this one. People (adults this time) praying to Obama. Like for real. I cannot believe this. If you ever thought for one moment this idea of a messiah complex was somehow over-exaggerated, I think you might want to think again.

"Hear our cry, Obama! Deliver us, Obama!"

Darius said...

Uh, dude, they're saying "Deliver us, Oh God."

Chris A said...

No way! I really would not have imagined it being this bad.

Liberals made a big deal about kids praying for president Bush in front of a cardboard cut out of him in "Jesus Camp", but clearly they were not praying TO Bush - not that I agree with the way they indoctrinated those kids.

But these people actually seem to be engaging in literal Obama worship, whether they acknowledge it as such or not.

Darius said...

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