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Tuesday, September 08, 2009
So Yale University recently had those infamous cartoons which depicted Muhammad removed from a book on the subject because of a "fear of violence." It's informative to think about this: the liberal academia, which constantly tells us that Islam is a religion of peace, won't print some relatively benign cartoons because they are scared of violence. Where does this violence come from? I thought Muslims were peaceful. So you see, while they may protest otherwise, liberal elites are actually the most prejudiced of all against Muslims and in so doing, confirm that which they deny.


Steve Martin said...

Excellent point!

Muslims are so peaceful that they threaten to behead anyone who insults Islam.

They are so peaceful and loving that they frighten weak-kneed liberals who are scared to death of them.

Those same liberals are so brave that they will take every opportunity to take pot shots at Christians(whom they know would never hurt them).

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