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Thursday, September 03, 2009
Jonah Goldberg wrote a good piece this week on the global warming topic.
Last month, in another study, also released in Science, Oregon State University researchers claimed to settle the debate over what caused and ended the last Ice Age. Increased solar radiation coming from slight changes in the Earth's rotation, not greenhouse gas levels, were to blame.
No, I'm not denying that man-made pollution and other activity have played a role in planetary warming since the Industrial Revolution.

But we live in a moment when we are told, nay lectured and harangued, that if we use the wrong toilet paper or eat the wrong cereal, we are frying the planet. But the sun? Well, that's a distraction. Don't you dare forget your reusable shopping bags, but pay no attention to that burning ball of gas in the sky -- it's just the only thing that prevents the planet from being a lifeless ball of ice engulfed in darkness. Never mind that sunspot activity doubled during the 20th century, when the bulk of global warming has taken place.

What does it say that the modeling that guaranteed disastrous increases in global temperatures never predicted the halt in planetary warming since the late 1990s? (MIT's Richard Lindzen says that "there has been no warming since 1997 and no statistically significant warming since 1995.") What does it say that the modelers have only just now discovered how sunspots make the Earth warmer?

I don't know what it tells you, but it tells me that maybe we should study a bit more before we spend billions to "solve" a problem we don't understand so well.


Steve said...

You are starting to sound like one of those "deniers".


The whole thing is a scam of the highest order.

Luke C. said...

Darius said...

Luke, I would ask you this: why has global warming ceased when all of the alarmists were predicting huge increases in temperature for the foreseeable future? It seems they should be eating crow, but instead they lie and claim this is what they expected all the time.

Luke C. said...

It has not ceased. The predictions of future temperature increases are about long-term trends not variability over the course of a few years.

This is a minor point, but I want to keep our facts straight; the sun is made of plasma, not gas.

Darius said...

True, but it is a burning ball of gas at the same time.

It seems awfully convenient (and intellectually dishonest) that the cooling that has occurred for the last few years is suddenly "just a stall in warming." The ones who accurately predicted this are those who question AGW. The AGW proponents got this entirely wrong! It should make any person pause in deciding who might actually have a clue regarding this topic.

Last thing I heard was that even most warm-mongers are now admitting that we're in for a prolonged COOLING period. I guess the Real Climate people are just behind the times... as usual.

That article you linked to is just bad science, as it claims that warming is "forced" by CO2 when it's in fact the other way around, temperature rise forces greenhouse gas.

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