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Monday, September 28, 2009
Here is a report put together highlighting the positions and views of more than 700 scientists, all of whom have worked for the United Nations with regards to climate... so much for consensus.


Chris A said...

This is an achievement, but here is what is tragic - just as control of carbon is control over life, control over information is control over public opinion. Is it possible to change the tide of public opinion being shaped by the media? To an extent there has been a departure from mainstream media sources; in fact, as a result of this they are likely slated to get the next government bailout. We may even end up with a media on par with that of the Soviet Union when all is said and done, that is a state-run media serving the sole purposes of government and corporate industry nexused into government.

But I digress. The "cap and trade" legislation is not dead, and the media will still continue to bat for the global carbon tax agenda. This is what is intended to fund the World Bank. Is this a conspiracy theory? I wish it was. Here is a link to the World Bank web site:

The globalists are becoming more and more brazen about their propaganda, and a handful of scientists will not make them flinch - especially if it gets minimal coverage in the media. Even if every newscast spent the whole time covering this, it would do previous little towards countering years of global warming fear-mongering.

Steve said...

When this gigantic scam is one day proven false once and for all, do you think that it's proponents will apologize for the time and money and energy they through down the sewer?

They will not. By that time they will be fully ensconced in their next scare.

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