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Monday, September 21, 2009
So now Christian apologetics is illegal in Britain.

HT: Steve M.


Chris A said...

Yeah, we (the U.S.) are trending in that same direction. Without ample resistance we'll be there in 5 or 10 years. And most Americans are either too oblivious to realize it, or feel powerless against it.

Remember separation of Church and State? I don't mean the phony stuff the Supreme Court says about it. I'm talking about the principle of not allowing the government to wield control over religious life. Well, that's slipping away, and not just because of the "hate" legislation either.

Right now FEMA is engaged in a program whereby they use pastors, churches, and even whole denominations as tools of propaganda. Yeah, I'm sure people will dismiss this but I know a little about it first hand. In the coming years, pay special attention to the way Romans 13 is used.

Steve said...

Good points, Chris.

We are definitely in for a bumpy ride.

It seems as though the devil is pulling out all the stops.

Chris A said...

You're right. The devil is pulling out all the stops, but to an extent we [the Church] are helping him through our own complicit and blind "patriotism" - our uncritical view of government involvement in religious life. This is what was meant by Thomas Jefferson's reference to separation of church and state.

And I know everybody hates this comparison - and I myself have abused it - but a similar thing happened in Nazi Germany. Churches became seduced by Nazi influence and became blindly supportive of the Fuhrer. Churches were made to feel as though they were important to the government cause, as is the case today. It sounds good on the surface until you realize that the government is made up of a bunch of liars who spend their time "spinning" everything to their political advantage - and it makes no difference which faction of the duopoly is in power. They both do it.

What's eerily similar to the Nazi co-opting of churches in this present American trend is a misapplication of Romans 13, in which the government has assumed the role of using this scripture - by way of FEMA - to dictate to the church a theistic justification for any use of power over the people. This is wrong on many levels, not least of which is the fact that Paul penned this letter to the church at Rome to promote a voluntary submission to governmental authority within specific perimeters. At any rate, it wasn't the Roman government using Paul to speak to the church on their behalf for their benefit. And guess what? Hitler promoted the use of this verse in the exact same way.

And while Obama is certainly being met with resistance in the American Evangelical community, most of the churches brought under FEMA's umbrella did so during the previous administration. It remains to be seen how many of them will part with FEMA because of Obama. Precious few, I suppose. And how many of them actually equate presidential authority with the FEMA program?

Darius said...

Good comments. I just wanted to make one comment on the Church and Nazi Germany. While it is true that some churches supported Hitler, many did not. In fact, by 1940, the majority of concentration camp prisoners were not Jews but Christians who had spoken out against Hitler. It's a common misconception that the Christian Church walked hand-in-hand with Hitler and that Hitler used Christian language to support his cause. Sure, he did use some, but for the most part, his rhetoric loathed Christianity. I did a post on this here:

Chris A said...

Yeah, I totally agree. There were Christian heroes like Corrie Tenboom and many others. And you're right that the whole church didn't go along with Hitler, just like the whole church isn't going along with the FEMA stuff. I heard one pastor say they tried to recruit him and he went to their meeting just to hear what it was all about, but would not capitulate.

I was reading an autobiography of an American minister who was ministering in Germany either early during WWII or right before it. He and an English minister were in a German church, and the congregation had taken up an offering for them. The pastor literally confiscated it for the Fuhrer. He also later found out that American intelligence was watching him quite closely because he had visited Germany during this time, and returned to the U.S.

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