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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Almost half of American doctors would consider retiring or quitting medicine if Obamacare passes... I thought the White House was claiming that doctors were behind the bill. Oh well, just more lies from Obama, nothing new.


Steve said...

Good to know!

I copied the link and will send it to all on my e-mail list.

This fight ain't over. We need to pour it on!

Chris A said...

If and when this bill passes in its present or similar form, and I hope it is improbable at this point, it will empower the government to build an Orwellian system of information gathering - one where (and this has been proposed in various quarters) RFID technology could provide that a chip would contain one's entire medical history, insurance information, payment history, etc. And on the surface this is a good thing. It is efficient, and everyone knows efficiency is needed to cut down on paperwork, reduce instances of adverse drug interaction and medical liability, etc. Anyone who sees this as alarmist should do some research on some of the companies behind this push. They do exist.

But it will be just like your social security number. Its use today is of an entirely different scope than what was originally envisaged. Suppose that RFID technology could be used in the place of passports, credit cards, background checks, amber alerts - the list goes on and on. And hey, you may not even have to be strip-searched every time you want to fly.

And if you think this is far-fetched you simply haven't been paying attention. RFID technology is already being used in the form of implantable chips in humans. I would imagine that in the beginning there would be a national health care card with an RFID chip in it. But once you use this technology with such a wide audience - the populace of an entire nation perhaps - you have opened Pandora's box. Mark my words.

I think people just have a sense that this government plan is bad. The proponents of the bill are quite slick, though. And the media and everybody else have been having a hey day pointing out that Joe Wilson's "You lie!" outburst was completely unfounded - or was it? Not really. On one hand the language of at least one of the bills is explicit, in that it says plainly illegal aliens would not be covered. But in reality, the bill, at least in its earlier phase, did not contain the safeguards that prevent this kind of abuse - and that was no accident, since similar government programs do have these safeguards.

So they can make a fool out of Wilson, blame opposition to Obamacare on racism, and engage in outright deception, but my hope is that people will not be fooled. My hope is that once again the government will fear the People, and not the other way around. And I think we are trending toward that. Who would have thought six months ago that we might actually get to audit the Fed? Many of us are challenging the establishment, and they are in a panic, and for good reason.

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