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Tuesday, June 02, 2009
"This global-warming frenzy has all the marks of a classic sociological phenomenon known as groupthink. As a rule, when partisans appeal to "consensus" in a scientific dispute, chances are that: (a) there's not a consensus; (b) the partisans are trying to silence dissent and marginalize dissenters; and (c) the evidence for their view isn't that great. No scientist worth her salt would appeal to consensus in making a case for, say, the theory of continental drift." (Jay Richards, Money, Greed, and God, p. 195)


Chris A said...

The groupthink analysis is accurate, but I would add that scientists have been marginalized by their need for funding. It's manufactured consensus, when obviously there is no real consensus. Do you want to get foundation money for scientific research? Well you had better include something about global warming in there or you won't get any foundation money. Do you want the prestige that comes with scientific discovery? Do you want to eat? Better play along.

This too is part of the grand eugenics strategy. Too many people, too much carbon dioxide, human life must be taxed, population must be decreased, the public must be "educated", planet must be saved, etc. This is what is being sold as science these days.

Darius said...

Richards is a great author on capitalism... he rips apart both Rand and Wallis alike.

Chris A said...

Is this that book you said you were going to start reading? I take it that you like it.

Darius said...

Yep, finished it last night. I'll probably post some more about it. It's very good, and would be particularly useful for those Christians who are tempted to believe that capitalism is evil or at the very least, not particularly good. Richards is spot on, and honestly deals with Biblical texts, not twisting them to say what he wants and recognizing when his points are implicit and not explicit (or even the primary intended meaning) in the Scriptures. It's a breath of fresh air in the Marxist smog that is creeping over all our society.

Steve Martin said...

Richards is right on the 'money'.

I plan on reading that book soon, as well.

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