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Monday, June 15, 2009
This is sickening...


Chris A said...

This is obviously a bit of speculation, but when I was reading that the election might be close, I was certain Ahmadinejad was going to win. Thus the allegations of shenanigans do not surprise me.

Who was behind the voter fraud? No one can say for sure, but with Israel reeling to pounce on Iran, they need him in there to help justify an unprovoked strike. All they have to do is repeat his alleged holocaust denial and his conveniently mistranslated comments about Israel being "wiped off the map". Of course, they have to continue to perpetuate the unfounded assertion that they are building nuclear weapons.

The violence (and I'm not condoning it) is probably symptomatic of the frustration of a nation whose only hope in avoiding getting bombed was electing someone other that Ahmadinejad. They did what they could, but they had to find out the hard way that sometimes voting just doesn't work - even when you have a majority.

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