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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
The WaPo had an unintentionally depressing article last week on how today's school children are getting behind causes. Oh, for the days when kids learned about good character as the priority over cultural fads. We're circling the drain...
"Polystyrene trays are bad for the environment and they have a big carbon footprint and they're made out of oil, which is bad for the environment, because it makes global warming," said Margot Bloch, 8, a third-grader at the school. Her mother, a peace activist, is among the club's sponsors.
On a side note, I've been told that The Goode Family is especially adept at ripping into politically correct families. I'm going to check it out.


sarah said...

It's also good at ripping into Christianity.

Check out this interesting article:

Darius said...

Interesting... the Middle East, the gift that keeps on giving. :)

Chris, you'll probably be interested in Sarah Jo's article.

Chris A said...

Yeah, I read the article. I have some serious misgivings about it. It does, however, make me reconsider Emanuel's role in this.
I am willing to believe that he may have it out for Netanyahu, but the two-state solution is a fairytale. Obama knows that, Emanuel knows that, and Netanyahu knows that. Its just something Obama is saying to butter up the Arab world.

The Anglo-American establishment has always used the Arabs to their advantage. Its not to their advantage to side with them over the Israelis. Obama will be no different, even if he is "president of the world". I do not believe Obama will want to deal with Iran in the diplomatic way people think. He has stated over and over again that he would support a strike against Iran. He wants to appear to be diplomatic, but its just an appearance. Why else would he bring up a proposal they already rejected? And of course they rejected it.

The whole idea behind their having nuclear energy is to be independent of other country's resources for energy. The West won't allow that. That's what this is really about, and another little thing that happened in the 80's that I can't go into right now.

Chris A said...

After reading my comment, I felt the need to clarify that Iran is not part of the Arab world, but it is part of the Islamic world that is allied in many ways to groups within Arab nations.

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