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Monday, June 29, 2009
I have a feeling that the media won't cover this as closely as it did the similar accusations of Bush...

(HT: Steve M.)


Chris A said...

Yeah, I saw this the other day. One of the differences during the Bush's reign was that his administration actually suppressed information that (supposedly) showed the harmful effects of global warming - this was at a time when his popularity had begun to dwindle, and he was being viewed as someone hostile to the science. Just thought I would bring that up to jog our memories. To be really honest about it, at the time I thought Bush was hiding the "inconvenient truth" that the oceans would flood our cities and all that.

In the Obama situation, if the media does give much attention to it, the cry for governmental action about this fictitious scenario is such that this guy in the EPA will probably be overlooked. But those in the media who have brought this to light should be commended.

But here's the deal, as Buchanan pointed out, this is part of the trend towards world government. Its going to take more than a guy at the EPA to stop this train. The idea is for the whole industrialized world to pay carbon taxes to a central world bank that will effectively govern most likely from Europe.

Darius said...

Yeah, I didn't know what to think about Bush's so-called "suppression of global warming evidence," since there is no such thing. It's all political opinions that support global warming, the science says, at most, that we don't know if it's warming or what's causing it. So I didn't mind as much an administration which suppressed lies... whereas Obama's administration is suppressing actual scientific truth (or at least, skepticism).

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