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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
So, now the G20 have put together a single world currency... amazing how fast we're slouching toward Babel. Soon, "nothing [we] plan to do will be impossible for [us]." (Genesis 11)


Chris A said...

Darius, your comparison of the New World Order to Babel is the most accurate comparison that exists in my opinion. I think one thing that gets missed in the biblical narrative is the satanic nature of their endeavor. It was satanic, first of all, because it was in direct conflict with God's command to spread out and populate the world. Secondly it was satanic in that this act was mimicking the same thing Lucifer himself was guilty of - self exaltation due to pride that led to the self-deception that they would achieve a godlike status. This is what we are witnessing now. The consolidation of power to be wielded over all nations by a central world government is the achievement of those who think they are gods. As you have said, plans for this have been a long time coming, but they are making their move now.

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