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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Doug Wilson has a good post today on where true hope and true political leadership is found.
When I see that a candidate professes a commitment to my big ticket items, and that profession is not transparently hypocritical, this simply means that I feel free to vote for that person, and can do so without troubling my conscience. But it does not mean that I trust that person to fix the problem. Why on earth would I believe that this stalwart candidate, if elected, could turn anything around?
America needs salvation, and there is only one Savior, the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately for our constitutional mythologies, we cannot arrange for Him to save us without mentioning His name. This is the issue underlying all issues. When we speak of the devil, one little word shall fell him, and I am not in sympathy with those who want to keep trying the same impotent words and phrases we have been using for the last century or two -- democracy! exceptionalism! good sense of the American people! gakk!
When the cross is lifted up, then the resurrected Christ comes down, in the power of the Spirit. That can save us, nothing else.

Where will this happen? Who is responsible for it? Who has been given that task? Not the governors, not the bankers, not the congressmen, not the lobbyists, not the business execs, not the U.S. Marines. Who then? Well, this is as good a reason as any to pray for your pastor. Jesus Christ has already ordained tens of thousands of men, they are charged with this very task, and they live right here in North America.


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