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Monday, February 22, 2010
What I couldn't see was how the life and death of Someone Else (whoever he was) 2000 years ago could help us here and now - except in so far as his example helped us. And the example business, though true and important, is not Christianity: right in the center of Christianity, in the Gospels and St. Paul, you keep on getting something quite different and very mysterious expressed in those phrases I have so often ridiculed ("propitiation" - "sacrifice" - "the blood of the Lamb") - expressions which I could only interpret in senses that seemed to me either silly or shocking. - C.S. Lewis


Steve Martin said...

Rationalism will deny Christ everytime.

God does not do things the way that we would like them to be done.

philthecarl said...

Hey brother,

Thanks for the note on my blog, the LORD has blessed us indeed! I appreciate you saying hi after the many years.

Congratulations on your third child! May God bless you and your family with health and protection as you approach July.



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