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Monday, February 22, 2010
[UPDATE: The CBS bracket website is now live. Password is "book". If you have any trouble registering, let me know.]

Any March Madness fans out there? Or people who like to read good books? Well, this should interest you. This year, I'm combining the exciting intrigue of NCAA basketball bracketology with the suspenseful thrill of a book giveaway. Awesome, huh? I bet all four of my readers have just gone into a catatonic state.

I'm doing this for two reasons. One, because March Madness brackets are fun, fun, fun. Two, to promote good books because ideas have consequences. Three (oops, I lied), to see if I really only have those four now-comatose readers.

I've placed the fuller details of this competition here (which you'll also find on a tab above), but I'll give you a quick rundown of how it will work. I'm giving away a minimum of four books, but that could increase significantly depending on the number of bracket entries. The reason? Each entry (a max of three per person) costs $5 and the accumulated proceeds will go towards more books as well as gift certificates for the winning paid entry. Also, the entry with the closest guess to the total score of the championship game (regardless of the entry's overall success) wins an gift certificate. Now, isn't that a lot more interesting and fun than the ol' dry random number-generated book giveaway? I'd do it all out of my own pocket, but I'm afraid I would end up with 60 entries and $300 worth of books to buy. As Latrell Sprewell once said, "I've got a family to feed."

The bracket website doesn't go "live" for probably another couple of weeks (the NCAA announces the brackets on March 14th). After the 14th, you'll have until sometime prior to the first games on Thursday, March 18th, to make your picks (the "play-in" game doesn't count in this bracket). Until then, feel free to advertise this to friends who could benefit from some good books. If I get a substantial amount of entrants, it could be quite the windfall in books and/or gift certificates for one lucky person. For those who don't follow college basketball, I'll leave you with this encouragement to participate anyway: bracketology is all luck. Picking according to "sweetest uniform" might even work.


D.J. Williams said...

Well, I can now check Spree off of the list of "people I never thought Darius would quote on his blog."

Darius said...

Speaking of the NBA, you chose a good game to attend the other night. Those Bobcats whooped the Lakers nicely.

Also, any thoughts on cutting Delhomme? That was a shock.

D.J. Williams said...

Yeah, it was a good game. In trips down to NC I've seen them beat the Cavs, Suns and Lakers this season. Not a bad set of ballgames. We play your T-Wolves next Wednesday, so prepare for a hurtin'.

The sentimental guy in me (I still have the newspaper from our 2003 NFC Championship win stuffed away in my closet) hates to see Jake go, but it was probably the right move. After the way the season played out this year, there's no way you can't give Matt Moore the starting job this season. This gives him the best chance to make a clean start. It seems they're going with a youth movement - after the recent cuts, the only guys on the roster over 30 are the kicker, punter, and Steve Smith. At any rate, it will be really weird seeing Jake and Peppers in different unis next year - and we have to play them both.

BTW, I'll be filling out my bracket entry this afternoon. Drumroll...

Darius said...

After what the Suns did to my T-pups last night, whatever the Bobcats do to them will pale in comparison.

Looks like we're getting a decent group of bracket entries... I would love to have 50 (that would be $300 worth of books and gift certs!), but 15-20 isn't bad.

D.J. Williams said...

I saw that score. Ouch. You may stand a shot against us, though. We've been notorious for playing to our competition this year. We've beat the Cavs 3 times, but lost to the Nets twice. In fact, we needed a gift turnover and dunk with 3 seconds left to beat you guys in Minn. last month.

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