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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So a priest in the UK is telling his congregation that if they're struggling financially, they should shoplift. But make sure it's a big chain and not a local small business. Somehow, I don't think the apostle Paul would appreciate what the Western Church has come to.


D.J. Williams said...

I love that picture. Ron Paul 2012, baby!

Chris A said...

If Paul got on the ballot I'd definitely vote for him. He's not so much the long shot now as he was in '08, particularly after his legislation to audit the Fed has gained wide bi-partisan support. Not only that, he has been given a place in the mainstream media because of his phenomenal success as a dark horse and the fact that he has proven his credibility after having predicted the current economic conditions well before they happened.

Is he radical? Yes. But at this moment in history we need a radical shift. The sovereignty of our nation is being eroded more and more each day, and our credibility is being hurt in the world by reckless foreign and economic policies.

There is still a remote chance that Bush and Cheney will be brought before the Hague for war crimes. This seems more likely, however remote, after Tony Blair is being called to testify before Parliament regarding his choice (based on a deceptive rationale) for preemptive action against Iraq. This may open this whole thing up again on the international stage, leading to the prosecution of all parties involved. We shouldn't forget where the U.N. stood leading up to this.

So let's say [hypothetically] that international law is enforced here, and the Downing Street memo and all of the rest of it is brought back to light, implementing not only Blair but Bush and eventually Cheney. Then you have a situation ripe for the global government to be used against former leaders of superpowers. What would that do to the morale of the nation and how would that affect national sovereignty?

We're already losing respectability as we spiral into debt with international banking bodies and the nation of China. At some point, something must give, and something must change. Now is our opportunity to elect someone who will fend off the globalists and stop the trend towards the erosion of sovereignty through debt and compacts with the U.N. and Canada and Mexico. Otherwise there may not be a United States. Oh we might retain the name, but we won't be the same country.

Wake up, America! You are a DEBTOR NATION! This is how nations are imploded - through debt. Unless things change, we are going to be begging for assistance from the "global community" within the next 10 years. Mark my words.

Look, there are always many candidates that bring up various issues that people are passionate about. But we need to prioritize things. What good is a president if you don't have a country? Whoever you choose to vote for in 2012 (if you choose to vote), make sure they are going to fight to save America from the tyranny of world government.

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