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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
While most people shudder at the idea proposed in my last post, far fewer would likewise recognize the evil implications of a hatred of humanity and loathing of life. One such implication is the now rampant abortive purge of those with "birth defects" like Down's Syndrome and cystic fibrosis. It is estimated that between 70 and 90 percent of all babies with Down's Syndrome are killed in utero... even though such children usually live a very long and enjoyable life. Obviously, such abortions have little to do with concern for the baby and everything to do with the social comfort of the parent(s). I tremble at the holy wrath that God must have at this atrocity.

Similar numbers of cystic fibrosis babies are also being murdered in the womb. And while that disease does tend to lead to an early death and other health complications (though medical science has improved the lives of those with CF; in 1959 CF children lived six months, in 2006 their life expectancy was 36 years), it's still a very treatable, manageable disease in many cases. For example, here is a moving story from the British Daily Mail showing the perspectives of a mother and her CF-inflicted daughter and how happy they both are that the mother decided to let the baby live.
The phrase 'quality of life' is bandied around freely, but who's to say what that actually means? Might not people with disabilities of varying kinds enjoy life in a different way from the able-bodied, and also contribute in various ways to society?


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