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Monday, December 07, 2009
"Here is your political litmus test. Regardless of real amounts, would you rather have the whole population have the same basic income (give or take 5 percent), or would you want seventy-five percent of the people to have twice that amount, and twenty-five percent to have ten times that amount? Which is your ideal?

If the former, then whether or not you are, your worldview is riddled with envy -- and repentance of some sort is in order. If the latter, it is also important to remember that this discrepancy of income is not a problem to be solved, but is rather a description of the solution to the equally distributed miseries created by the levelers and haters who insist on the first option.

Reagan once said that socialism would only work in two places -- in Heaven, where they don't need it, and Hell, where they already have it."
- Doug Wilson
This is right on. I've found that when I've debated capitalism with a free market hater, I can usually dig out the root of envy in his political worldview after only a few minutes. It doesn't take long before "I had medical bills that I couldn't possibly cover, so why shouldn't those who are better off help me out?" slips into their argument or something along those lines (though not always from their own personal experience). The basis of socialism (or anti-capitalism) is covetousness.

Few sins have caused more human suffering than envy. It fomented the rise of communism in Russia, it made the Holocaust possible, and enabled the Hutus to wipe out the Tutsis in Rwanda. All because people broke the tenth commandment.


Steve Martin said...

Envy is surely one reason.

Guilt is another force that drives the wealty into Socialism.

Utopianism is also a force in this ridiculous attempt to grab power and remove people's freedoms in a quest to "help" them.

Chris A said...

The whole debate is skewed by the mischaracterization of the U.S. economy as free market or capitalist. It is neither of those.

So when Michael Moore makes a movie against capitalism, using the U.S. cronyism model, he is wrong and so are the people who defend the system.

We have morphed into an economic fascism, where corporations write laws, threaten to implode the economy unless the government gives them more fiat reserve notes at the expense of the taxpayer, influence governments to regulate carbon for profit under the false threat of global catastrophe, and influence the government to give them bailouts in the form of universal health care, in which the health care industry would be guaranteed more revenue in the form of hundreds of thousands if not millions of new and unwilling customers.

And guess what, if the government says you can afford health care and you refuse to buy it, they want you thrown in jail. Don't believe me? Ask Nancy Pelosi, but don't expect her to give you a straight answer.

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