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Saturday, November 28, 2009
This new idea from Focus on the Family is one of the dumbest, most anti-Christian ones I've seen from a Christian organization. They've created a website where people can go and rate the service at retail stores based on their use of "Merry Christmas" or the lack thereof. And then, based on the ratings from everyone, people can know which stores to boycott. Seriously, is this what Christianity has become in this country? Are we to the point where we take offense at NON-CHRISTIANS(!!) not recognizing our Lord? As one blogger put it, "if you think people using the word Christmas somehow makes our materialistic holiday extravaganza more pure you are probably not paying attention very well." Focus on the Family should spend an entire year with their faces buried in 1 Corinthians 6.

A pox on this site and any other ideas this terrible.


D.J. Williams said...

Right on.

Juan said...

A pox indeed. :)

Chris A said...

Yeah, I have to agree that this is pointless; I will refrain from using the word "dumb", but only because I'm trying to be polite.

But I really don't see this as a departure from the "culture war" rhetoric we've been hearing from the religious right for the past 20 years. This may be somewhat different strategically, but not by very much. Essentially, the idea is the same - "engage" culture by popular political pressure and religious alienation. Its not on the scale of the boycott SBC tried to organize against Disney a few years back, but its in the same category.

I think what many Evangelicals would like is for the non-Christian world to pretend that the U.S. is still a Christian nation, but no matter how many times you say the word "Christmas" or put fish signs (a pagan symbol by the way) on everything you cannot mask the reality of the spiritual cancer of our society. To me, this seems to be a scheme arising from attitudes of fear, desperation, intimidation, and perceived weakness.

I don't fault the Evangelical community for trying to change things. I just think they're going about it the wrong way, and just what the right way is I'm not exactly sure. But many in leadership have unwittingly succeeded in becoming a political tool of other political interests - the Neocons and AIPAC primarily.

Read David Kuo's book "Tempting Faith". He was the number two guy in Bush's Faith Based Initiative program. He was no political novice when he joined Bush and Co., but he certainly had illusions of grandeur and became very disillusioned about the American politicization of Christianity.

Steve Martin said...

"Preach Christ crucified".

That is our job.

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