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Wednesday, November 11, 2009
NBC gives new meaning to the phrase "green screen" next week, spreading a pro-environmental message across five of its prime-time entertainment programs.
Trainers on "The Biggest Loser" will instruct their clients to buy organic produce and bring their own mugs to the coffee shop.


Chris A said...

Read this press release and you'll get a bigger picture of what's going on here. The Biggest Loser is only one of several television shows being targeted for propaganda placement.

Brigitte said...

Hi: just looking in. :) This summer I was in Germany and even with fast food places where we went there were no disposable beverage containers. One day we were at the circus. The Coke and Fanta came in glass bottles, for which you paid a deposit. At the end you returned your bottle and got your deposit back. The same thing happened getting apple juice and sausage at a stand along the Rhine river. You paid a deposit for your glass and then you returned your glass. I thought it made sense.

I noticed, too , last time I was in the States, that there were hardly any places to recycle your bottles and cans. We bought some cans of pop at a gas station and there was no separate place to return your containers to even though I asked for it. The only place I saw recycling containers on that trip (2 months ago) were in Yellowstone National Park at Old Faithful.

Was I blind, or should some more of this happen. It's good to explore what could be done. No?
Yours, Brigitte.

Darius said...

Brigitte, I don't mind people choosing to recycle. But what I do mind is the moralism building up around it... basically, you're a bad person if you don't recycle, drive a hybrid, or get your veggies at a local farmers market. Environmentalism is the new golden calf of Western culture.

Brigitte said...

It can be, like anything else. But it is not bad in its essence and not a spiritual matter in its essence. It should be a practical matter of citizenship. No body in the entire world uses up as many resources as the US citizen, or is it the Canadian citizen?

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