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Wednesday, November 04, 2009
It seems the global warming... scratch that, climate change folks can't seem to keep their science consistent. First they say the earth is going to continue warming until we all die or the aliens come back to get us, and are proven spectacularly wrong with a decade of cooling. Second, they blame that warming, er, cooling, er, "change" on CO2 levels created by mankind only to now admit that CO2 has little to do with it.

To those climate change fans (for lack of a better word) reading this, what say you? Honestly, setting aside the politics of it all, if you were told that a group claimed that an apocalypse is coming but all of the "facts," rhetoric, and pseudo science they used kept being proven wrong and the group even admitted it, would you really still lean toward believing that their overall thesis is correct???

Makes me wonder who the real "flat-earthers" truly are...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well I can tell you one thing! You won't be spewing this fascist right wing propaganda when the Statue of Liberty is under water along with the twin towers memorial! Haven't you seen the photos of the polar bears swimming and losing massive weight because they can't hibernate as long as they used to? How about all those photos of the polar ice caps melting? I suppose that's made up to. Guys like you really make me sick! Just kidding, this is Chris A. Gotcha!

Darius said...

Chris! I wondered if you were still around... I don't see you commenting anymore over at ZFT.

Chris A said...

Yeah, I'm not dead yet. I gave up ZFT in favor of other pursuits. I'm still cool with everyone. Its more a matter of personal self-discipline rather than conflict or anything like that.

I'm actually working on my own blog, which probably won't roll out for some time. I'm still doing some research. Not sure whether it would appeal to you or not, but I'll keep you posted. It will be ministry oriented.

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