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Friday, January 11, 2008
... More proof of climate change. I'm sure someone will quickly attribute this to global warming. After all, if it's hotter than usual, it's global warming. If it's colder than normal, it's global warming. If it's wetter than usual, it's global warming. If it's dryer than normal, it's global warming. It's kind of like saying when flipping a coin, "heads I win, tails you lose."

Nevermind that the earth hasn't been warming for six years now. That's right, statistically 2007 was the same temperature as 2001-2006. Oh well, don't expect the Goracle to tell you that.


sarah said...

I'm hungry!!!
And I'm SURE it's due to global warming.

sarah said...

btw - i was looking at your movie list and wondering if you've seen the film: to end all wars. excellent.

sarah said...

sorry - i've never read any of his books - i heard it in a talk he gave.

Luke C. said...

I have not responded to your blog in some time, so I thought I would summarize my thoughts on your recent posts here.

Responding to this post:

Many of your skeptical remarks about global warming are attacks on messengers, such as the United Nations, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Al Gore, and various celebrities. As "Seeing the Unseen, Part 1," which you have prominently linked from your blog, reminds us, "The messenger is not the message" (emphasis in original). Also, I should note that you have not given much response to my entries on global warming.

I am not sure if the snow in Baghdad is related to climate change, but weather is not climate.

Regarding overpopulation, you have not answered two crucial questions. How many human beings can this planet support? What shall we do if our population approaches that number?

The suggestion that we should become couch potatoes to stop global warming could easily be recast as a call to make our farming methods more efficient and environmentally friendly.

I have posted a delayed response to your comments about Young Earth Creationism.

Regarding the Creation and Science video, I have two comments. First, I could have done without the animation of mating dogs. Second religious presentation of Evolution still used the passive voice with no active Creator. The "scientific" presentation of Creationism did have one, so it was still linguistically more like Genesis than a science book.

Anonymous said...

I think comments like what Darius posted are usually made in jest. There may be some that believe it, but most are just paroding what those people say about a relationship with hurricanes and that it is actually one persons fault that they occur. I think that global warming is totally being blown out of proportion. It's possible that the earth could be warming in my mind, but the reasons why could be the same reason that temps have been fluctuating throughout the entire life of this planet. For anyone to place blame, and assume they have the remedy for this "problem" has either got to have God-like vision or is insane!

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