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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Bush Lied, People Died

I am getting really tired of this mantra. Now a "study" has come out that claims Bush and his administration made over 900 "false" statements leading up to the Iraq War. The annoying part about this is that while it is technically true that any statements about Iraq's possession of WMDs have turned out to be false, it is not true that Bush INTENTIONALLY LIED about them, as this article and others love to say. A very disgusting blurring of the lines between INCORRECT and DECEPTIVE is being made here to politically hurt the president. If I honestly believe that my neighbor is raising meth, based on his prior known use of meth and the hearsay of everyone of my neighbors, and I tell the police about it and I turn out to be wrong, I was NOT lying. I was incorrect and perhaps reckless in my judgment, but I wasn't being deceptive. It's interesting how many people don't seem to understand the difference between the two. It must say something about our postmodern culture, but I'm not sure what.


Anonymous said...

It seems there are just more and more people who don't care that they mislead and lie. Like in this case people who like to lie about the president lying! It seems they care more about the ends to justify the means about lying. They figure that if enough people see it enough times they will believe it. It probably all stems from their hatred of the president which stems from their liberal leaders.
I like your thoughts by the way. Now that Fred is gone who will be getting behind now?

Anonymous said...

I'm actually working on a post right now to discuss both Huckabee and my thoughts on the best candidate now that Thompson is gone. It was pretty easy to pick on Huck as long as Thompson was still viable, since most Huck fans also like Thompson. Now it gets a little more difficult to lambast Huck. But I'll try. :)

Anonymous said...

You hear anything about Fred as VP? I think anyone with Fred Thompson as the VP sounds vastly more appealing then any of the more liberal candidates running alone. It may not mean much as in getting true conservative policy through, but at least it might get some of those true conservatives out and hold their nose while pulling for those more liberal candidates.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anything about Thompson for VP, but I have heard Huckabee for VP talk, since he is obviously not going to win now that he lost South Carolina and has run out of money. There is talk about McCain or Guiliani getting him as their VP to get the evangelical vote. Personally, if Huck would VP for Rudy, I think that would disenfranchise a lot of Huck supporters and make him a sellout in their eyes. I have no idea if he would entertain such an idea.

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