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Monday, January 21, 2008
We know it is sick and irrational. We know that logically there are many things to admire about the Green Bay Packers franchise, how it is run, the mystique, blah blah blah. We know that last night, the... Better Half asked us to join her on the couch for overtime, instead of half-leaning on the loveseat arm. But see, we had been sitting on the loveseat arm when things had been going well for the Giants, the spot replacing the previously lucky (and uncomfortable) standing pose that was eliminated after the long GB touchdown that put the Packers ahead early. (But not for good. Ahhhhh.) We know we are sick and wrong to take such perverse pleasure in the misfortune of others. And we do not care. We take back what we said about wanting the Packers to reach the Super Bowl, where they could then lose to the Patriots. Because last night? Last night felt good. It felt VERY good. It felt like one of our 10 favorite games ever. We might have even shouted some expletives of joy. And we cannot stop smiling. That's how we know. OK, a few things about 23-20, OT, that need to be brought up before we get to our closing point.

1) The Giants were absolutely the better team on the field yesterday. It was not some fluke that they won; in fact, based on all the things they did to shoot themselves in the foot (the stupid penalty by Sam Madison on third down, the RW McButterfingers escapades, the missed field goals, on and on), they had to be considerably better than Green Bay was yesterday. And they were. That's not to say they're all-around a better team. But they were Sunday. Ah.

2) There was something strange in Brett Favre's eyes the moment you looked at him. He didn't look right yesterday. Not sure if it was the cold, the expectations or the schemes the Giants were running, but he did not have the eyes of a champion yesterday. Nor did he have the arm of a champion. He didn't even look like he was having fun out there. Ah.

3) Hey look! You can stop Ryan Grant. Pass some of the blame along to the coaching staff, however. Thirteen carries with the way Favre was playing? Not smart.

4) Plaxico Burress made Al Harris his [redacted], and it was beautiful. And that sideline catch by Amani Toomer was one of the prettiest grabs you will ever see.

5) What happened to Eli Manning? Is this really the same guy who handed 41-17 to the Vikings earlier this year?

6) Lawrence Tynes.

It all leads to this: Packers fans, you love to get high and mighty. Admit it, you do. You like to talk about the mystique and your brethren in the cult, your uncle Howie in Osh Kosh with the extensive collection of Packers beer steins and your place on the "waiting list." When you really want to try to twist in the knife, you start talking about the postseason, the Super Bowl and, if you're really cruel, 1998. Well, folks, what do we have here? An unbelievable regular season that seemingly came out of nowhere, led by an aging quarterback? The stars aligning to give you home field advantage in the NFC title game against a good opponent that is still a decided underdog? A game with so many ups and downs it's hard to remember them all? A gut-wrenching trip into overtime capped by the ultimate realization that the game is over and, inexplicably, everything magical has turned to ruins? Oh, Packers fans. Now you know what it's like. This is your 1998. Drink it in. Enjoy that bitter taste. It lasts a lifetime.


sarah said...

you are cruel.
I have to say though - that I'm big manning fan. the family lives in mississippi and did alot of great community service things when I was living there.
So I do hope the giants beat the patriots - but it doesn't have to be so black and white - the packers will be back next need to let the past go... :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should be credit the author... I didn't write this, it was some guy on the Star Tribune website. But I do agree with it wholeheartedly. :)

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