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Thursday, December 20, 2007
As mentioned in the Zeal for Truth article that I linked to earlier this week, children are now being targeted as the next area needing to be "reduced" to help combat global warming, just like we're told that we must reduce our gasoline use, light bulb consumption, etc. Now, the "science" is pouring in to support that ideological idea. First, a study done in Utah indicates that more kids are bad for their parents' health, with couples who have more children dying earlier in life. Now, researchers in Britain have discovered that children from large families are shorter than those with few siblings. Nevermind that height is not the most significant factor in a child's life.
Dr Lawson stressed that his work did not look at whether a child is happier as part of a larger family.
It's interesting that, as so many Western populations approach the "lowest-low" point of no return with their birth rates, many intellectuals want to further limit the amount of children. This disdain for kids is seeping out of the intelligentsia and into the general public; I routinely hear acquaintances and co-workers gripe about or sneer at any couple who DARES to have more than a couple of children. Even in the Christian community, I consistently see at least a glimmer of antipathy toward large families. And it's not just a "I don't know how they do it, I sure couldn't" sentiment; sometimes I can detect a little scorn in their voice.


Sarah Jo said...

I just read an article in today's issue of USA TODAY about the birth-rate of the US reaching a new all-time high. Go here:

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