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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
The British are already the most photographed people in the world, with the average Brit having his picture taken 300 times each day by security cameras and the like. So I guess it makes sense that their police just introduced this. It's a flying spy camera to help stop "anti-social behavior" and monitor traffic. I guess this is one example where the perceived "right to privacy" in this country would stop such instances of a government overreaching its bounds. Then again, the 2nd amendment might come in handy as well in keeping such cameras from appearing over here. As Nathanael Blake said, "should these hovering spy-bots come to America, I expect that they'll be used as expensive electronic skeet. Given the equipment (a camera and GPS, among other bits) on board, shooters would probably learn to wing them and them collect the electronics for resale. There would probably also be a brisk market in mounting them as trophies; what conservative wouldn't want display the part of the police state he shot down?"


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