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Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Sad news today. My Sooners are no longer going to be in the same conference with the Huskers. I'm stunned.


Steve Martin said...

That is a travesty!

Colin said...

I am really curious what the rumoured Pac-16 "East Division" schools think of this whole thing. As a Pac-10 supporter, I really like the merger and I think it is quite natural - especially for basketball. For football, the original Pac-8 stays exactly as it was, with the effect of one or two great matchups with "East Division" and then the remaining three to four non-conference games as they were.

The only thing that disappoints me is the reduction of academic credentials with the inclusion of teams like Tech and Oklahoma State. But, then again, WSU, Oregon and OSU are not exactly top tier academic institutions.

Darius said...

Yeah, I'm sure the Pac-10 and its fans are happy, it puts them back on the map (particularly in basketball). They've been the joke conference (with two good teams) every year for as long as I can remember. It's odd though to add teams who are farther east than west into a PACIFIC conference. And I hate to see some of the old natural rivalries been disbanded. All I know is they better still show a bunch of OU games on TV, or I will be royally upset.

On the academic side, don't forget Arizona State. :) And everyone is finding out about the "credentials" of USC...

Dr. Sanders said...

On the other hand, might having superconferences finally give the fans what they by-and-large say they want: playoffs! If the current conferences realign into, say, 4 superconferences of about 16 teams each, then there's a championship game for the conference, leaving 4 teams standing, which is few enough to then go to a plus 1 bowl format...of course, all that's still a ways off, even if it does work out like that.

Dr. Sanders said...

Oh course, not 5 minutes after posting my last comment do I go to espn to see that the Big-12 is sticking together (mostly) after all. Oh well...

Darius said...

Yeah, I guess the reports of the Big 12's demise were quite exaggerated.

Dr. Sanders said...

Well, if they're not going to split up, here's hoping they can grab someone to replace Colorado and Nebraska (the loss of each of which will hurt the conference).

That, or go with my other suggestion of becoming the Big 10 to that the Big Ten can become the Big Twelve.

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