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Tuesday, June 08, 2010
"The plea bargain is the greatest advance in jurisprudence since the invention of the guillotine."

One of my favorite TV shows of all-time finished its last season recently (and no, I'm not talking about Lost). Law & Order, which began its run in 1990 (the same year that saw Home Alone and Dances With Wolves make big splashes in theaters), was unceremoniously canceled a few weeks ago (despite having made NBC billions of dollars after FOX initially passed on it). And because it was canceled after this current season's last episode was already filmed, it wasn't given much of a send-off in that final show. NBC hasn't exactly had a good year, what with one screw-up after another and generally dismal ratings across the board. This writer had a good remedy for the Law & Order shenanigans. On the bright side, the show's creator, Dick Wolf, is attempting to get a different network to pick it up for at least another year.

So stay tuned... but while you're waiting, check out reruns of all twenty seasons on TNT and read this good list of lessons learned over the years of Law & Order watching. And watch the clip below for a tribute to the show.



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