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Friday, July 24, 2009
This video is spreading like wildfire on the internet, so you may have already seen it. Needless to say, this wedding from here in the Twin Cities is... AWESOME!


Steve Martin said...

Everyone seems to love the video.

I would have loved it too were it during the rehearsal and not the actual ceremony in the church.

Our (Lutheran) wedding service (like all the other services we do) basically revolves around Jesus Christ.

To me it seems self-centered and takes the focus away from Christ and places it onto 'us'.

This is nothing new for a great segment of the church, but I don't care for it and feel the trend is a dangerous one.

Darius said...

I hear ya, Steve. However, I think it's assuming a lot to think that these are Christians just because they're in a church. Or, for that matter, that the church involved is Bible believing.

Plus, I think there is room for "David dancing before the Lord in the street" and it would be wise for us to be careful to avoid being the Michal wagging our head in disapproval. I'm not saying that's the case here, but it's something that the prim and proper Christians can tend towards (see the "no dancing" rules in many churches for even wedding receptions!).

So, I don't think I have a problem with this particular show of joy (from what I've heard, that's all it was and not a publicity stunt). However, all the copycats to come will be annoying and denigrate the sacredness of the occasion.

I am also glad that they chose to get married rather than just live together like most couples these days.

Steve Martin said...

I never assume anyone is a Christian.

But I take them at their word.

I just heard from someone that this was in an ELCA (Lutheran church).

It would not suprise me one bit. There are many far left, theologically and culturally liberal pastors and congregations in the ELCA.

They have ruined a once great Christian faith tradition.

D.J. Williams said...

Yeah, but have you seen how it ends? :)

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