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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
So, not only has the earth's temp stayed stagnant for the last 6 years, we now learn that it looks like it is starting to cool. Now, why does that sound so familiar? Oh wait, that's right, because Dr. Gray predicted it a couple of years ago. Hmm, oh well, I guess Al Gore can go find a real job.


sarah said...

I'll hire Al Gore to shovel snow off my car ;-). Yes, it SNOWED here :-] In Texas. In March. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

It SNOWED in Dallas??? Wow! How much?

I should point out (before someone else does :)) that none of this emphatically disproves anthropogenic global warming, but it does call into question the use of local and even global weather (by the Goracle) as proof that it does exist. Another thing that this shows is that the earth and climate have a mind of their own, and even IF mankind is overloading the atmosphere with CO2, the earth can still get quite cold and buck all the scientific models.

It is interesting that since global warming became the most recent fad (circa 2004), the earth hasn't warmed a bit and actually has cooled.

The ever-fickle "wisdom of man"...

sarah said...

I got about an inch at my house. Crazy thing is - two days before it was in the 70's and now it's back up in the 60's.


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