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Monday, February 04, 2008


Sarah Jo said...

poor guy - that would be incredibly tough to swallow - though I wouldn't know - we won football every year I was at LU ;-)

I was SO excited the Giants won - I jumped up and down until my calf muscle cramped. Then I grabbed a banana. [just kidding - I didn't have any banana's]

Sarah Jo said...

well - our team knew the difference :-) I remember that year, particalarly because one of the ambulances came for me :-] I was playing with the flu virus and was dehydrated and passed out. opps! I remember also, that we broke some girls arm on an opposing team. That's why we won - we were scary ;-)
I still have my old play book too -12 offensive plays and 6 defensive ones - I would draw them on my arm and the point to them in the huddle.

Sarah Jo said...

I wasn't QB - I was wide receiver -I was what you'd call - an offensive coordinator ;-) This wasn't a huddle during the game, it was half-time, and I returned to the huddle seconds later.

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