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Friday, February 22, 2008

I don't mention illegal immigration much on here, since I'm not particularly passionate about the subject. However, when four kids on a school were killed this week by a woman in southern Minnesota who is here illegally and can't drive (didn't even know how to shift an automatic) and isn't licensed to do so, it lit a bit of a fire under me. Parents lost their children (including two brothers) because of this unemployed, unlicensed driving, illegal immigrant woman who had no legal right to be in this country in the first place and even had a run-in with authorities previously where they didn't adhere to federal immigration laws and deport her. Liberals whine about how it's immoral to deport people who are here illegally, potentially splitting up families and removing the opportunity at a better life. What is truly immoral is not applying the rule of law to those who flaunt it and kill innocent children in the process. Every week in this country there is a story of someone killed by an illegal immigrant. Furthermore, what does it say to the immigrants who use the LEGAL channels to get to this country? When will our legislators figure it out? People are really tired of waking up each morning and reading about the most recent vehicular homicide at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

McCain, the blood of four children from Cottonwood, Minnesota screams for justice. Say NO to amnesty!


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