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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Regarding the problem northern Eurasia is having keeping babies alive either after they are born or in utero, here is a short snippet of an article from a couple years ago that I stumbled across today.
"The number of women who have abortions in Russia annually greatly exceeds the corresponding figures in Western European countries," [Vladimir Kulakov, deputy director of the Russian Women’s Health Center] said. "The quality of abortions performed is often very low and the women’s health is often at risk, with 30 percent of them dying," he added.

“There are more than 6.5 million infertile women in Russia today,” RIA Novosti quoted Kulakov as saying. “15 percent of Russian couples are facing the problem of infertility.”
6.5 million infertile women?!?! That's 1 in 10! A 30% death rate of women who have abortions? So not only are they killing off the next generation, they're killing off their own generation as well.

Here is a graph of what Russia's population is projected at for the next 50 years. Most of Europe isn't much better.

Meanwhile, this is what Saudi Arabia's population (and most predominantly Muslim countries) is doing:

I wonder who will be making the rules in Eurasia by mid-century...


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