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Monday, March 12, 2007
I have placed a Fred Thompson for President logo at the top of this blog. So far, I have not been particularly keen on any of the Republican frontrunners; each for their own reasons. Guiliani doesn't have the convictions to stand behind his newfound conservative social policies, and it's hard to see an admitted adulterer winning the Presidency (at least from the Republican side of the aisle). McCain is a politician first and a conservative second. He's very wishy washy on some key issues and has made some huge errors in judgment in the past in the name of "bi-partisanship"; plus he's really old. Romney has some history of liberal social policies like Guiliani, plus he was elected governor by Massachusetts, which worries me. The rest of the names out there likewise are either worrisome in their conservative credentials or appear likely unelectable come November 2008. Which brings me to Fred Thompson. He is a strong conservative without any past leftist leanings, he's got name recognition from his time as a senator from Tennessee and his current stint as the head District Attorney Arthur Branch on the NBC show Law and Order, he is still heavily involved in politics as he helped aid Chief Justice Roberts' confirmation process and has been a leading advocate for Scooter Libby, and, to my knowledge, has little or no past personal issues.

So here's hoping he says yes to a run for president.


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