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Monday, February 05, 2007
Have you all heard? The latest report about global warming is out; as is the verdict, apparently. We need to run for the hills...seriously, people, start running, cause if you're currently at a low elevation, you'll probably be underwater by sometime next week. Or by 2089, who's to say? Let's ask Al Gore, the world's premier atmospheric scientist. He says that the polar bears aren't having fun anymore. Now, instead of sitting back and enjoying an ice-cold Coke with her cubs, a mother polar bear now has to watch as her dear ol' iceflow melts out from under her.

Ok, seriously now, the hysteria about global warming is really getting annoying. The science behind it is junk, and the main proponents of it are the who's who of moral idiots and political class clowns. Unfortunately, I fear that many Christians and conservatives are being led like sheep to believe that it's the greatest threat to mankind. Last year, a bunch of Christian leaders, including media darling Rick Warren, signed the "Evangelical Climate Initiative," which basically called for legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Thankfully, other Christian leaders, including Dr. James Dobson and Chuck Colson, wrote a rebuttal letter asking them to not sign the initiative. They are not necessarily disagreeing with the premise of global warming, but that human beings are the main cause and that the ideas put forth thus far to combat it would actually benefit humanity.

That leads me to Mark Steyn's most recent article. In it, he points out how "global warming" is not really global at all. And just because someone feels that their little nook in the world is feeling warmer these days doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the world at large. Just as me saying that this week's sub-zero temperatures here in Minnesota were evidence against global warming is crazy, so is the claim that a snowless January in a northern U.S. state proves climate change. Yet I hear this all the time from friends and co-workers. "It's 20 degrees over the normal temp today, must be global warming."

From Steyn's article...
A few years ago, the little old lady who served as my town's historian for many decades combed over the farmers' diaries from two centuries ago that various neighbors had donated to her: From the daily records of 15 Januarys, she concluded that three were what we'd now regard as classic New Hampshire winters, ideal for lumbering or winter sports; eight had January thaws, and four had no snow at all. This was in the pre-industrial 18th century.

Today, faced with eight thaws and four entirely snowless Januarys, we'd all be running around shrieking that the great Gaia is displeased. Wake up and smell the CO2, people! We need to toss another virgin into the volcano. A virgin SUV, that is. Brand-new model, straight off the assembly line, cupholders never been used. And as the upholstery howls in agony, we natives will stand around chanting along with High Priestess Natalie Cole's classic recording: ''Unsustainable, that's what you are.''
As always, test everything to see if it is of God. Whenever popular opinion is leaning one way, almost always lean the other way, as we are told repeatedly in Scriptures that man's wisdom is NOT God's wisdom.

1 John 4:5


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