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Monday, May 16, 2011
I don't drink coffee, but I know plenty who do. As many people are aware, there is a big push in the coffee industry to promote "fair trade" coffee which supposedly gives higher wages to the poor workers who produce it in Third World countries. The problem is, that's not really the case. Furthermore, as Jay Richards pointed out in his great book Money, Greed, and God, fair trade tends to prop up industries beyond their natural free market equilibrium, which will eventually result in too many people in those coffee-growing countries investing in the coffee market. Fair trade coffee is just one more example of a "progressive" idea that is meant to make people feel good about themselves while actually doing little good or even doing harm to those it purports to help. If you have previously supported fair trade coffee, please reconsider!


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

never knew that. If I am at a coffee shop where they offer fair trade I'll go for it - it usually means a higher quality bean as well. I'd be interested to hear a rebuttal to these claims and hear both sides of the story.

Darius said...

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