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Thursday, December 30, 2010
"Christian" musician Derek Webb had an interview recently with the Huffington Post where he continued his campaign of complaint against the evangelical Church in America. In response, Frank Turk over at Pyromaniacs called him out in an open letter this week. It's charitable where it can be, yet hard-hitting and Gospel-illuminating.

Webb is quickly coming to a point where he will have to decide if he is a Christian or a poser... the next Amy Grant, if you will. Probably the most pathetic part of Webb's interview was where he said that because he's an "artist," he is better equipped at making moral pronouncements than the average person because he thinks through issues. Pretentious much?


marusha said... I think he's already decided with the support of and touring with Jennifer Knapp.

D.J. Williams said...

I've been one of Webb's biggest fans since he went solo. I've defended him ardently for years, but I'm really starting to wonder what happened to the guy who used to speak about the Gospel with such force and clarity. It seems like he's kept the force but lost the clarity in recent years.

Darius said...

That's a good way to put it, DJ.

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