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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
This is a good development that needs to spread to every church, including my own.


Chris A said...

Good article. We've discussed this before, but this should be an ongoing discussion in the American church. Bless you, brother.

PB said...

I agree. And... are you ready for the blowout that would happen at NHC if we tried it? I sense that it would be most frustrating to 65+ folks. (As much as I love them, it just seems true to me.) From what I can see, people in the 9:30, 11:00 and 7:00pm services would welcome it.

MB said...

Does/Did the High and Holy Calling address this worship division within NHC? There may be a blowout, but the 65+ers may not need to be the ones most uncomfortable with the change. I would rather welcome some 8:00 AM worship blended into the other services. We could stand to turn the volume down a notch or three, have an “unplugged” worship session for a change in order to accommodate the more mature among us, not to mention saving our hearing for when we are 65+ (I’m getting closer). I think that our mature brothers and sisters would be surprised at how warmly their worship would be welcomed along with them. I miss the deeply meaningful hymns that I grew up on, and I’m not THAT old. Yet.
Mike B.

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