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Thursday, January 07, 2010
About a year ago, political commentator Andrew Breitbart started a blog called Big Hollywood, which serves as an online oasis for conservatives who make their living in Hollywood and as a portal for Hollywood-related columns written from a conservative perspective. Check it out sometime; they have some good movie reviews.

Recently, there was a bit of a dust-up over news reporter Brit Hume's comments on Fox News where he advised Tiger Woods to turn away from Buddhism and turn to Christ if he wanted true forgiveness and healing. You can find more on Brit Hume on Denny Burk's blog. Anyway, I found this solid post on Big Hollywood by Adam Baldwin (of "Chuck" fame) which really hits the mark.
On Fox News Sunday, panelist Brit Hume offered a hopeful New Year’s message for the fallen Tiger Woods:
“Tiger Woods will recover as a golfer. Whether he can recover as a person, I think, is a very open question… the extent to which he can recover, it seems to me, depends on his faith. He’s said to be a Buddhist, I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So, my message to Tiger would be: ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith, and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.’”
As an avid golfer, Christian man, and therefore a witness to the historic fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Mr. Hume clearly offered his message in good faith with honest concern for both Tiger’s future and for that of his family, friends, fans and business associates.

Sadly however, some drones of Secularism have reflexively stomped on their Political Correctness brakes; stinging at Mr. Hume with personal demonization, as if he’d somehow committed a sin against their totalitarian faith...
Forgiving all that for now as merely clumsy bombast, their point — and others’ like Tom Shales is clearly to intimidate Americans. It is to thwart and punish people who speak publicly in Jesus’ name. It is to force people into adhering to Secularism’s unwritten rulebook and principles, not the Bible or First Amendment — whither the Free Exercise Clause?
Secularism conveniently provides its followers a comfort of religious (and/or political) false-neutrality.

But, Secularism is not an impartial philosophy, it is an ardent competitor in the arena of ideas, and must be treated accordingly.

Hunter Baker defines Secularism as “a radical concept that involves the privatization of religious belief: [i.e.] when we are together in the public square, if we are ‘virtuous and civil’ then we will not speak of religion at all, we will confine it to our private lives and presumably – many elites believe – when we do that, religious belief will eventually disappear.”

From their scornful pedestals, Secularism’s faithful entitle themselves to preach intolerance towards varying viewpoints as a means to stifle civil public discourse into one party rule.


D.J. Williams said...

BTW, it's Adam Baldwin, not Andy. I actually had no idea that in addition to being in the greatest TV show of all time (and it's not Chuck) he is apparently a Christian. Cool article, thanks for passing it along.

Darius said...

Oops, my bad. What show would that be?

Darius said...

Yeah, I didn't know he was a Christian either. The giveaway is that he calls Christ's resurrection a "fact." Now, of course we don't know anything beyond that, so he could be theologically screwed up as many Hollywood "Christians" tend to be... but at least he readily names Christ as Savior.

The whole Brit Hume thing is one more example of how something spiritual is going on in the background... when you have the name of some supposedly long-dead guy engender so much hatred and rage, you know Jesus must be who He said He was. I always find the unequal treatment of Christianity compared to other religions and philosophies one of the strongest indicators of its veracity. The Biblical prophesy that Christians would suffer for the name of Christ has been fulfilled nonstop since he ascended to heaven. You couldn't make that up if you tried.

D.J. Williams said...

I looked online for any further info on his faith, but couldn't find much in the way of a good personal bio - everything was very career-centered. But you're right, the "fact" reference is a pretty good indicator (as was his "preaching the Word" remark in the next paragraph).

He played Jayne Cobb in Firefly and the follow-up movie Serenity. If you haven't seen either, you absolutely must. The show lasted 14 episodes (curse you, FOX), but my wife and I both think it's the best show we've ever seen. At least the movie served as a series finale, so it got some decent closure.

BTW, a belated congrats on hitting the 3-year mark on the blog. Keeping things going that long as a smallish blog isn't easy, I can relate. I've added you to my "Great Blogs" sidebar - I've started reading you more frequently than just about anyone outside of my daily "Big 4" (JT, Denny, Vitamin Z and Challies). Keep up the good work.

Darius said...

I figured it was Firefly... if I recall, you mentioned it on your blog once. I'll have to check it out... currently working through Arrested Development for the first time.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm kinda in a blogging mood these days, as my frequent posts indicate. :)

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