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Thursday, October 15, 2009
This ought to worry us all.


Chris A said...

This is why we should understand the psychology of the "nationalist" War on Terror propaganda. We were first told that we should look out for suspicious activity, with an emphasis on brown people.

But gradually, as was predictably the case, we have been introduced to the possibility that al Qaeda might just be Billy Bob from Arkansas or any place in America where average-looking Americans dwell. Now we see who the real enemy is - us, you and me.

We are not far away from secret police, presuming they don't already exist. The feds are literally infiltrating everyone from little old lady anti-war groups to Christian denominations. They want you to feel special when they invite you into their secret little snitch club.

This isn't about terrorists. Its about creating a sense of national paranoia where any dissenting voice can be swiftly silenced, and where the philosophy of freedom can be dismantled at every level until no one bothers to fight back anymore, until freedom has been completely redefined by some weird circular logic where freedom has to be given up so we can keep our liberties. Huh? People are being socially engineered to love their slavery, because the false alternative is "terror". So you can be a terrorized free person or a slave with all the comforts of false security - false security because while you think you still live in America, you can't live like an American. You want to babysit somebody's kids without government oversight and taxation? Want to have a Bible study in your home? Forget about it! Where do you think you are, America?

Has anyone else seen John Elway's Homeland Security propaganda? Completely laughable. This is the psychological warfare we are dealing with. Here it is:

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