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Friday, May 08, 2009
Oh, the glories of our postmodern, relativistic, multicultural world. Now the government wants to imprison anyone who picks on someone else via the internet. Nevermind that pesky thing called the First Amendment, we need to make sure no one's feelings are hurt. It's an interesting paradox that a society that claims that truth is not absolute and that each person must find their own truth is also one of the most intolerant societies in history.


Chris A said...

Darius, don't be offended about what I'm about to say. I'm just going to test this new law. If Big Brother is watching, maybe I'll be in trouble. But I'm feeling a little rebellious.

Darius, you're a lily-livered, yellow bellied so and so! Oh yeah, and they jerk store called. They're running out of you!

Darius said...

Normally I would just say "up yours," but now I can call the cops! :)

Chris A said...


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