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Friday, November 07, 2008


Chris A said...

That is freaking unbelievable! Not really, though. I went to public school, so I know exactly how it works. The state put themselves in a position to become the parents, and the institution is such that it puts kids at odds with their parents. My daughter isn't school age yet, but I have really been considering an alternative to public schooling. And notice the teacher's doublespeak. "Oh yeah, its fine that you're for long as you want your daddy to be in the military for a hundred years as part of a senseless war. He'll probably die there too." (Emphasis mine)

Chris A said...

I pulled this from the YouTube page:

Diantha Harris works at Mary McArthur Elementary.

The principal's name is Lola B Williams. The school's phone number is (910)424-2206.

The principal's email is:

School Superintendent: William C. Harrison
(910) 678-2300

I have already sent a rather mild email.

Darius said...


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