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Sunday, October 12, 2008
Legislators get some perspective.


Chris A said...

Quote from the article:

"For example, a proposal to auction off emission permits — a source of money to help refocus the nation's use of energy away from fossil fuels — may have to be abandoned with permits distributed for free."

Just like I've been saying all along, this global warming hoax is all about taxes. 2007 was the coolest year on record in the last five years, and 1988 is still the warmest year on record.

Darius said...

Yep. I thought 1934 was the warmest year, but I guess it depends on which data you're looking at.

Darius said...

And I wouldn't say that the global warming hoax is all about taxes; it's all about more control for the government. Taxes are just one way to get that control.

Chris A said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. The control is becoming more and more centralized in the hands of those that favor supranational government. The taxes we see on the local front are just the beginning. Eventually the idea is to tax the entire world after the countries sign on through international agreements to be governed by a global entity. The dollar is being destroyed in favor of a multinational currency, maybe the Amero or maybe something else. This concerting of efforts to "save" the global economy will be used to usurp power. The whole situation is begging for the emergence of a "savior". Heck, even the bailout bill has a provision for carbon taxes. Its found in section 117.

Chris A said...

Darius, read this article. Its echoing some of the suspicions I have had for quite some time now.,2933,510937,00.html

Darius said...

Yeah, kinda scary when one realizes the true ideology behind the global warming stuff. I hope economic sense wins out, but we'll see. If liberals are in charge, economic sense is non-existent.

Chris A said...

You're absolutely right about the liberals. But many of those on the so-called "right" are softening their opposition to the global warming doctrine.

But either way these globalists, who as you may be aware, are currently forming a global reserve currency to replace the dollar via the IMF, have Democrats and Republicans on their payroll. This is what is necessary to drive global government.

It was the first president Bush who gave a speech extolling the virtues of the "New World Order" (his words, not mine) on September 11, 1990 in which he made particular reference to the U.N. as being the governing body.

Now they are finally emerging in plain sight in order to save the world from the "global economic crisis". That's why you had Geithner in sworn congressional testimony say he was opposed to such a currency, only to say before the CFR the very next day that he was open to the idea!

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