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Monday, May 05, 2008
A couple weeks ago, we closed the roof for the first time on the Colts' new stadium.


sarah said...

to comment on the two posts below :-) - I've come to find that there's always enough science supporting both sides (because science is never unbiased) so I just figure - when the end of the world comes - whether by pesticides or organic material or hot or cold - at least I know where I'll end up ;-)

in a funnier note: my mom was trying to convince me to take this unpronouncable thing for my illness and she said "it doesn't have side effects, it's all natural." and I replied, "mom, poison ivy is all nature, and it has side effects"

to which we laughed heartily.
the end.

Darius said...

True enough, Sarah Jo. After all, God is in control (especially of the planet). However, in the meantime, if in our haste to make ourselves gods who can do anything, even save the earth, we cause the deaths of millions of people, I doubt God will be very happy.


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