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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
In England, those who are deemed "capable" of emotionally abusing their children are having their kids taken from them and placed for adoption. And since the family courts there are ultra-secretive, parents have almost no recourse to fight such disgusting enforcements by the nanny state. One reason for laws that are prejudiced against the parents: Tony Blair's adoption quotas. In 2000, Blair set a goal of increasing adoption by 50% and offered monetary rewards for any cities that met that goal. So, the government is basically robbing Peter to pay Paul. One extremely disturbing story is in this article. A husband and wife fled to Ireland with their fourth child after their first three children were taken from them, all because of some unexplained leg fractures in one of their boys. As it turns out, he had a vitamin deficiency. However, it's too late for the parents, the kids are now legally adopted and will not be returned! A few choice words come to mind to describe that sort of nanny system.


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