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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
I frequent the blog Zeal For Truth, which is a collection of posts from a handful of people on topics ranging from politics to theology. Today's post comments on the finding that the U.S. is tops in the world in cancer survivability. The reason: people here generally don't have to wait in long lines for treatment, as they do in Europe, Canada, Cuba, and elsewhere. In America, you get treatment about as quickly as humanly possible, while in Europe, the BEST that one can hope for is two months (usually more like 4 months). The wonders of universal, socialized health care, huh? Tis a pity that Michael Moore conveniently ignored the wait lines in his Sicko film. Everyone gets "free" health care, nevermind that a bunch of suffering people die while waiting for it.


Melchizedek said...

So the libertarians still haven't driven you off...

Darius and Elisabeth said...

Oh, I agree with much of libertarianism... mostly just disagree with its handling of foreign policy matters.

Melchizedek said...

It seems you are also more of a Christian conservative...

Darius and Elisabeth said...

Yes, I think that's fairly accurate. I actually don't know all of the ins and outs of libertarianism, and should read up on it more to get a better feel for it. My knowledge of it comes primarily from what I've heard libertarians say about their views, and libertarianism spans a very wide spectrum (especially when you get to Christian libertarians, who are almost polar opposites to many secular libertarians).

Colin said...


I've been trying to get a hold of you - sent you a pm at zealfortruth. Get back to me.


Darius and Elisabeth said...


Check the ZFT comment area...


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